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Plus Size Clothes – Top Tips of Consideration

Being a plus-sized woman, you might suffer a lot as there is less availability of plus sized clothing. It is not easy to select the perfect plus size outfit. You need to consider several things while selecting plus size clothes which are a perfect fit for your physique. Few of them are listed below. Pattern, […]

How much does comfort matter when selecting lingerie?

Let’s start straight with the answer rather than getting to it slowly. A lot! Lingerie that is not comfortable will look bad regardless of which brand it is or how expensive it is. Whether it is a nighty for honeymoon or a special something to reignite the flame in the relationship, it has to foremost […]

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How to Look Stylish Wearing Lehengas

Style can be defined as the one of the best way one can define oneself. In fashion though, style has a meaning which is totally inexpressible. One may look extremely stylish in a normal jeans and t-shirt, while the other may look gorgeous in beautiful party wears. One of these famous party wears in Indian […]

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