How to Look Stylish Wearing Lehengas

Style can be defined as the one of the best way one can define oneself. In fashion though, style has a meaning which is totally inexpressible. One may look extremely stylish in a normal jeans and t-shirt, while the other may look gorgeous in beautiful party wears. One of these famous party wears in Indian ethnics is a Lehenga.


Wearing a Lehenga gives you a style quotient which is totally exceptional, but the question is how to give it a unique style id?

Let us see the various ways to look stylish in a lehenga:

There are various aspects that one needs to look into so that they look good wearing a lehenga, let us explore all these areas and find out the exact way you can choose out of these following options:

The Way Of Draping The Dupatta: The dupatta is an essential part of the lehanga. You can show off your entire lehenga with this dupatta. The beautiful dupattas given by nargis delhi, needs a mention here. The various ways you can drape a dupatta are:

  • Using Single Dupatta:
  1. Draping across the wrist: You can very easily hang one end from a shoulder while loosely binding the other end to the opposite wrist.
  2. Standard Draping: Pleat it like a beautiful saree and give it the saree look.
  3. Loose hanging: Hang the dupatta from its centre on from your head. Using a different net material is profitable.
  • Using Double Dupattas:
  1. Stole it and roll with it: Yes the name seems funny, but you can use one of the dupatta as your stole and the other can hang from your head.
  2. Covering the sides: You can pleat one dupatta and hang it from your one shoulder while you can drape the other from your head to the other shoulder.

The Perfect Colour and Occasions: These are the ultimate things to consider if one wants to look stylish. Let us use this two points as fusion for our further tips:

  1. Day Occasions: For day occasions, one must always choose colours that are not too heavy and dark, only until they are confident in pulling it off with elegance. The occasion taking place also needs to be kept in mind for this. A simple outing, or invitation of guests over to lunch, or a marriage invitation or the pre marriage parties.
  2. Night Occasions: The occasions of the night calls for heavy dressing. Beautiful, heavily worked on lehengas can definitely make your night. Then again the occasion needs to be paid heed upon. A simple meeting with friends or an array of guests for dinner doesn’t need the attention of your most gorgeous lehenga.

Some other useful tips: These will definitely work out:

  1. If one wants to look sleeker, then use darker colours.
  2. If you are sleek enough then can choose georgette as your lehenga material.
  3. Choosing the correct kind of blouse will make an impact, for sporty bodies, one can choose wide neck lined blouse, for one with bulk issues can go for full sleeved or tri-quarter. There are immense options offered by nargis delhi.

Follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy your lehenga like never before.

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