Welcoming your New born with Essential Baby Needs!

Baby shopping list for first time moms

So, you are soon going to be a proud and a busy mommy. And before your new-born arrives, you must be fully prepared so that everything becomes hassle free.


Congratulations mama to be! You must be brimming with mix feelings of joy, fear and excitement. This is like a huge milestone in your life and by now you must have been preparing to buckle up for the baby to come. It will not be the two of you now but a new addition to your family, a bundle of joy and love.

Diapers? Check. Baby toiletries? Check. Fresh clothes? Check. This is how you will be jotting down the list before the baby arrives; you have to make sure you are prepared before in hand so that you spend quality time with your baby instead of running around for essential supplies.

Shopping for your new-born can be a challenging task since there is a huge variety of products in the market. Cut out on all the guesswork and stress with a comprehensive checklist. It is an age-old belief that you should shop for your baby only after he is born but you should be organised well in advance. This will give you a fair idea of how much you will need to spend.

Let’s have a look at the shopping list of baby essentials.

Crib Bedding: Who would not like to decor baby nursery like a prince or princess. I would suggest you to buy standard size crib and can buy crib bedding for it in color based on your choice. Its always difficult to get a bedskirt which works for different height cribs based on your baby age. As your baby grows, you have to move crib platform down. So crib skirt needs to be shorter. So rather than buying different crib skirts with different lengths, you can adjustable drop length crib skirt where in you can remove bottom layers to reduce its drop. Its amazing and work well.

Nappies: This is the first and foremost item on your list. A new-born’s nappy has to be changed at least 10 to 12 times day so you should have enough stock for few days. If you plan to get some nappies handmade, choose soft and extra absorbent material. Now you have readymade cotton nappies available in the market with drawstrings so you don’t have to worry about the pins. Make sure that nappies are washed and ironed as it helps kill the germs.

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Clothes– At least 10 baby suits will be needed immediately when the baby is born. Small babies live in the first few months and few cardigans because they are very sensitive to weather changes. You can also shop for all in one suits that cover the baby up to his feet. This way you will not have to buy socks because baby is quite fidgeting and they tend to lose the socks!

Bibs and Hand Towels- Babies have a habit of gurgling or bringing up milk or water. Get enough bibs that will protect the baby’s clothes and have to be changed very often. Also after every feed, baby will burp. The cotton towels help clean up the baby after and protect your clothes as well.

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Prams– Choose suitable prams for your new-born with a comfortable seat. They are very useful while travelling to markets, malls or even sometimes at home to gently calm a crying baby.

Toiletries– These are very essential nit bits of baby’s needs. A soft brush, a mild baby soap and shampoo, massage oil, baby talcum and a nappy rash cream comes handy anytime. Also include in the list a moisturiser for sensitive skin and cream.

A Baby Bag- A bag is very essential to keep all the baby products. It will help you keep you keep everything in a neat manner. The bag should be spacious enough to fit in everything that your new-born will require. You will be carrying it with you every time whenever you will be going out.

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